Advantages Of Palm Bunch Ash Fertilizer

Indo Agrico – Palm Bunch Ash fertilizer are a great source of Potash fertilizers. They have been used over the years especially in Indonesia. In agriculture, it is important for crops to access potassium which facilitates growth of crops such as photosynthesis and enzyme activities. However, most soils have been used for so long that they lost the organic potash in the Soil. This leads to farmers getting synthetic fertilizers in order to curb poor soil effects. However, these fertilizers may add to the damage by depositing harmful chemicals to the soil which may affect the quality of the farm produce. Palm bunch ash acts as potash, thereby neutralizing the soil’s PH. Below is a list of the advantages of using Palm Bunch Ash over synthetic fertilizers;

1. The production and consumer cost of Palm Bunch Ash is lower than that of the MOP fertilizers

While aiming to harvest good quality crops, farmers get disappointed when the soil is exhausted and they lose their produce. In efforts to improve the soil quality, small scale farmers may not afford the cost of the MOP fertilizer. Palm Bunch Ash is a great substitute for MOP fertilizer and is much cheaper and quite affordable. Palm Bunch Ash is a by-product f palm oil which means it is organic and most likely better.

2. It is highly alkaline

With a PH of 12, Palm Bunch Ash is a great way to neutralize acidic soils which may be as a result or heavy rainfall. Areas with heavy rainfall often have acidic soils which may not be favorable for every other plant. Using Palm Bunch Ash, farmers are able to neutralize the soils which means that they will be able to control the crops they want to grow. Due to its liming property, Palm Bunch Ash is also used to correct how nutrients are supplied throughout the plant. This will result to high quality and organic farm produce.

3. It is eco-friendly

Since the Palm Bunch Ash is produced from the wastes of palm oil industries, it is all natural with no additives. The Palm Bunch Ash will provide the soils with potassium which is necessary for the growth of plants. It is also a natural and organic way to neutralize your soils and at the same time protect the environment from chemical harm.

In this era, we hardly come across organic foods because in one way the farmers will face problems with their crops and they may be driven to using fertilizers to improve their crops. However, substituting K fertilizers with Palm Bunch Ash could facilitate growing of organic crops. In addition, the potash in the Palm Bunch Ash promotes stem strength as well as buds. Potassium, which is the main component in the Palm Bunch Ash, adds natural sweetness to plants like potatoes and sugar cane. Organic farming has been made possible by the use of Palm Bunch Ash which comes with a number of advantages and is also affordable, especially for the small scale farming.

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